New Gravel Range from Ribble

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EXPLORE.RACE.ESCAPE. with the new Gravel Range from Ribble

Wherever you choose to roam, however you choose to ride, the all-new gravel range is designed to conquer the toughest terrain, from the highest mountain pass to forgotten dirt roads and forest trails. Lose yourself on unexplored gravel roads, embark on epic bike packing adventures or put the hammer down at the front of a gravel race. These are simply the fastest, most off-road capable and exhilarating gravel machines that Ribble have ever created.

Gravel AL e - Alloy Gravel E-Bike

FROM: £2,699

The perfect fusion of lightweight alloy gravel bike and market-leading e-bike technology, the Gravel AL e sets the benchmark for power-assisted, all-terrain performance. With 250Wh of extra power assistance when you need it most, any adventure is possible, and no ride is outside of your comfort zone. The Gravel AL e allows you to explore further and faster off the beaten track, to conquer any mountain-dirt, gravel or trail.

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Gravel Ti - Titanium Gravel Bike

FROM: £2,599

The Gravel Ti’s unsurpassed strength to weight ratio and rugged durability makes it naturally equipped to cope with the demands of even the most extreme off-road adventures. With its intoxicating blend of style, performance, and versatility it produces a ride that is responsive, stable and wonderfully compliant. Built to last, it’s as beautiful to behold as it is to ride.

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Gravel SL - Carbon Gravel Bike

FROM: £2,399

Carbon’s popularity stems from its ability to be moulded into almost any shape to enhance the properties that it offers. The Gravel SL’s advanced high-grade carbon layup enables it to be constructed lighter and stiffer whilst retaining the same drag-efficient frame shapes and optimal power transfer as the Endurance SL family of frames. The Gravel SL delivers a ride that is fast, agile and allows you to bullet along trails at ears-pinned speeds.

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Gravel AL - Alloy Gravel Bike

FROM: £1,599

Like carbon, high-quality aluminium frame can be formed to almost any shape. Oversized truncated airfoil tube profiles ensure maximum torsional stiffness for enhanced power transfer and optimised aero efficiency. Light, fast, and highly agile, the Gravel AL delivers a lively ride that is exhilarating and composed in equal measure.

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