Ale's New Arrival GREEN SPEED

2022-05-01 Product News SHARE:

Less plastic and more pedalling. Made from over 90% low environmental impact materials, the Green Speed kit encourages cycling with a new eco-awareness!

Alè Green Speed

Alè’s signature PRR jersey has gone green. This innovative jersey, built around the concept of climate positivity, uses more than 90% low environmental impact materials sourced from recycled plastic waste in its construction. Green Speed is all about raising your awareness and riding with added sustainability. Cycling instils passion and teaches respect – for your fellow riders, your competitors, but above all, for the environment where we ride. Cut for performance with a streamlined racing fit, this jersey also features eco-minded waste pockets, perfect for empty gel wrappers.

Available Now with Tweeks Cycles in Blue or Black from only £86.24 was £115.00 save26%

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