Introducing the New Castelli Unlimited Collection

2022-05-04 Product News SHARE:


Castelli’s approach to all-surface riding is called Unlimited.

Our riding now is a mixture of paved and unpaved surfaces, but we’re riding just as hard and demanding just as much from our clothing.

We’ve been riding on gravel before it became a thing, and well before it earned its first hashtag. We’ve never viewed gravel as a separate sport and believe in a few years it’ll again just be referred to as cycling. Gravel simply provides us with additional opportunities to challenge ourselves and our friends, to ride far, to ride hard, to explore new terrain, and to continue pedaling well beyond the “pavement ends” sign, a terminus which no longer applies.

With fat tires and big-tubed bikes with bags on them, an aero jersey just doesn't look right. But why we should you give up performance and comfort?

Discover the new Castelli Unlimited collection ready for your next adventure.

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